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In Lithuania associations of the professional training institutions were started to establish since 1998. The aims were to help in exchanging the information, sharing educational experience and improving qualification.

On 17 December 1999, the Constituent Assembly was held in Vilnius Technical College where decision of the establishment of Republican Association of Teachers of Economics was made. At that time the Association was not registered officially and the activity has been suspended.

On 28 May 2003, the new Constituent Assembly of Lithuanian Association of Teachers of Economics was held. Romantė Bučienė, teacher of Faculty of Economics, Vilnius College of Higher Education, was elected the President of the Association. On 16 June 2003, the Lithuanian Association of Teachers of Economics was registered at the Ministry of Justice.

On 29 October 2003, the General Meeting of the members of Lithuanian Association of Teachers of Economics was held. New members were admitted, regulations were proved and perspectives of activity were projected. The General Meeting of members of Association is held once a year.

The Lithuanian Association of Teachers of Economics is an independent organization. Its objectives are these: to consolidate the economics teachers of Lithuania, coordinate the activity of its members, motivate the teachers to share information and ideas, organize scientific conferences, seminars, cooperate with social partners, prepare for the participation in the international organizations. At the moment the Association consists of fifty one member. Their locations range over a wide geography: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Utena, Panevežys, Alytus. Some of the Association members are lecturers-practicians who adapt their practical knowledge in lectures.